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W1500 portable power station

Battery Type: LiFePO4

Rated Power:1500W

Rated Capacity:1152Wh

Standard Capacity:25.6V/45Ah

Overload Protection:1550±40W

AC Oulput:AC 110V±10%/60Hz 230V±10%/50Hz

Output Wave : Pure sine wave

USB Output:QC 18W’2

Type-C Output:PD 60W’2

Cigarette lighter Output: 14V/BA

DC5525 Output:14V/8A

Wireless Charging: 15W

Charging Input:12-50W/8A 240W Or AC 600W

Charging Power/Time:240W 5-6 hours/600W2.5-3 hours

LED flashlight torch: 12W

Working Temperature:-10~40℃

Weight (Net Weight):14Kg

Weight (With Accessories):15Kg




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