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Battery Type  :    Lithium lron Phosphate (LFP)

Nominal Voltage   :   96V-384V

Operating Voltage Range  :   80-438V

lP Protection   :    lP54

lnstallation   :   Floor installation

Operation Temperature  :   – 10~60°C

BMS Monitoring Parameters  :  SOC, System voltage,current, cell voltage, cell temperature, PCBA temperature measurement

Communication Port  :  5 years

Waranty : CAN

Grade A quality LiFePO4 battery, more than 6000 cycles in 80% DOD @25°C

Battery discharge: – 10°C~60°C, battery charge: 0°C~60°C

Compatible with 96~384V high voltage  inverter/UPS



Capable of High-Powered Emergency-Backup and Off-Grid Functionality

  • Highest Efficiency Thanks to a Real High-Voltage Series Connection
  • Built -in fire extinguishing device, automatic processing of super -early

warning thermal discharge state

  • The Patented Modular Plug Design Requires no Internal

Wiring and Allows for Maximum Flexibility and Ease of Use

  • Grand A Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP) Battery:

Maximum Safety, Life Cycle, and Power

  • Compatible With Leading High Voltage Battery Inverters
  • Highest Safety Standards


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